General question about FreePBX 13->14 upgrade and Commercial components


Long story short - I’m running FreePBX 13 in a virtual machine in oVirt cluster. The FreePBX setup is a bit unusual - we have a 4 sip trunks, and each trunk connected to own Ethernet interface (so we are using PJSIP due to this). And I there are a number of commercial modules running on this setup.

As this is a live system, I’d like to clone this VM and try to do an upgrade to FreePBX 14. The question is how to not mess up with system activation and commercial modules? How to do this in a proper way?
One option is to test upgrade on the clone and if successful start doing upgrade of main VM.
Second option - if clone upgrade successful - somehow move activation from old VM to the new one. Is this possible?


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