General noob pbx question - pls help


I am completely new to anything PBX. I am planning on setting up something educational for people without computers or internet. Basically I have podcasts in non-english language that i want to make accessable to some of my community people through normal phone or cell phone. is it possible? i may have 20-30 people that may try to access my podcast at different times.

i will probably have to store the podcasts on a server i guess. then perhaps i would need a PBX setup to route to specific podcasts. can i do this with freepbx or is it better to go with cloud pbx servers? any recommendations? thank you!

I supposed you could upload each recording as an announcement. When someone called in, they would be prompted to enter a podcast number that would route them to that announcement/podcast.

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You can also use the Play command to play the files based on options in an IVR or based on a link from a website (using some kind of callfile maker).

There are a lot of way to accomplish this. Solve each problem separately so you can troubleshoot small pieces instead of trying to fix the whole thing.

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Use a heirarchh of IVRs reserve 0 to ‘,escape’ a level, create custom applications using controllable ControlPlayback command,

You will have IVR’s where the first level is main subject branching to secondary subject, and so on ad infinitum , call your podcasts 243, 217 etc.

Use the language variable if you want on an initial IVR " press 1 for Bantu, 2 for English, 3 for Afrikaans. . ." snd have podcasts versions 217 in all of :- /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/{ba,en,AF}/217.wav for example,

You would need ‘announcements’ to instruct the user on key presses, and announce the various level choices at each IVR level.

Learn asterisk dialplans and you can reduce all that into a context with only a few lines of code with no FreePBX needed, but the logic would be identical, in effect map {EXTEN} first to a Dewey like arrangement of subjects, then playback the podcast under the control of the caller in the preferred language

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thanks a lot for the detailed solution! i am looking into it.