General freepbx capabilities

I would like to ask regarding the capabilities of freepbx.
1.Can i create a Raspberry device with 2x usb gsm modem and use them for calling and sms with freepbx?
2.Is it possible to integrate regular phones that we have with rj25 to RPI freepbx and how?
3.Is it possible to use regular rj25 phones and through extentions make calls as from usb gsm modem?
4.Is it possible to make a call to the usb gsm modem number and be directed to specific extention in analog rj25 phone device?

P.S. we have 20phones with rj25 connected to some analog device does not have any rj45 connector just com port for programming.
Thank you

Only by using third party code, which I believe has limited or no support (chan_dongle). The preferred solution is a dedicated SIP based mobile terminal.

RPi does not support PCI or PCIe (and Iā€™m not sure that DAHDI supports ARM). You will typically need to use a SIP ATA.

Asterisk allows calls between channels technologies and FreePBX allows trunks to be sent to Misc Destination, which can include extensions, so I think the remaining cases can be handled, subject to the first two points.

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