General FreePBX 2.10 Questions --


So I solved the issue with much help from here on the the Custom Contexts and Backup, but I have a couple more where did they go / what’s happening questions tonight after putting the box in. So I have opened a new thread.

  • I see that amportal.conf is now updated by gui panels, and I found the FOP settings in the advanced tab, but where is the FOPRUN=false setting to turn off FOP altogether…

  • I am used to placing entries in voicemail.conf for the various overrides, mainly; emailsubject=, emailbody=, and pagerbody=, pagersubject=, and mailcmd= with the -t -f switches. In looking at the new pages for voicemail it’s not real obvious where these overrides should now be placed. An while I am on the same subject, does anyone know if the various contexts capability descried in the .conf files now works, or is this still broken in asterisk 1.8.13 ? I would like to vary the messages for a group of mailboxes based on the Context used.

  • Sure there will be more, but I appreciate the help from those working on the new much improved look code.


If you just look to the right of your computer screen yes the one you are looking at right now!. pasying careful attention, you will see a link to . . .

“Version 2.9 - amportal.conf - Advanced Settings - I’m Confused”

It would seem to most here to be VERY appropriate to your situation.
Did you as yet click on at least once, maybe read it too, or are you asking for someone to come over with hot cocoa whilst they read it to you? . . .

In 2.10 you can in turn on all the normally read-only features (and make them editable) of the mysql table that now generates amportal.conf.

Help comes to those who help themselves first.


Well as I said Version 2.10 Setting – Advanced Setting – FOP Operator Panel.

 > FOP Password :
 > FOP Sort Order :

No FOPRUN: False that I can find on these panels.

As to Voicemail, yes I am tired and missed the Settings page, Sorry. But it still looks like it is one set of settings and no way to change the values based on Context…



for FOP, just uninstall and get rid of the module, it’s un-supported anyhow and has many problems.

It’s only there because enough people want it even if it is way past its grave…

On the voicemail front, I haven’t had my coffee yet and it’s way to early so I’m not even sure what the question is, but that’s probably me :slight_smile:


I am running on coffee today so I can understand, maybe we should talk on the phone. I will send you a private note.

On FOP, all I can say is … Why didn’t I think of that…