General Comparison

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to see if I can get a quick comparison of the following flavors/versions.

Forgetting about how we get it installed, is the NEW ISO Beta comparable feature wise to standard freepbx we install on top of centos, or for that matter the same feature wise as installing AsteriskNow with freepbx on top?

I say this because after using trixbox for a long time now, I think the new freepbx ISO Beta is very nice with a lot of features already in place, equivalent in my quick 30 minute inspection of the options.

I’m debating if it’s worth putting in asteriskNOW so I get the asterisk 1.8 branch and putting FreePBX on top, or will this be short of all the applications, features etc?

Thanks for your help in advance!


The Distro is using Asterisk 1.8 if that is what you are looking for.

I wanted to see moreso the different added on features, like endpoint mgr etc, would all those options be there, however if it’s already 1.8 then that makes the iso the better choice.


There are more features then AsteriskNOW simply because there is an added System Admin module that AsteriskNOW does not have and beyond that, everything FreePBX is available.

Plus we have CDR’s out of the box working, Spandsp for faxing, App_flite for TTS, mpg123 for mps uploading for music oh hold files and a whole list of other things that always have to be done on AsteriskNow after you install it.

After playing with the ISO last night for a little while, I think its way above the trixbox branch. The interface is of course almost the same, but features are hands down better. All the import features ( extensions ), the endpoint manager is better and I’m sure Asterisk 1.8 has a lot more features and is stable.

Downloading from the web is a little frustrating, I’m running a couple virtually to play with features and options, then running one on a semi-production box to test. The download takes over an hour and from CD could have been 15 minutes, so it’s a big difference. ( only 3mb pipe at the office )

Looks good! Nice Work! I’m hooked.

Tony off topic question, how can I upgrade to this distro from TB2.6 ?
I didnt see a proceedure. I did see one for the Upgrading to 2.6 From trixbox
but thats just to freepbx.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to upgrade from Trixbox. If enough people want us to build a script to upgrade from Trixbox 2.6 I could spend a few days and do it but it would be alot of work but it sure would be fun to do.

Start a thread on this topic and lets see if enough people want it.

The script would be great…Essentially trixbox is FreePBX 2.6 so the updates on the database schema would have to be applied.

Not being a programmer I have no idea what the level of effort would be on this task.

Well It would take looking at all their packages. Than figure out every RPM that needs to be updated and which RPM’s need to be erased. Than update the kernel and reboot and pray it all works. Probably a good 40 hours to build and test the whole thing.

We have done it before with our own customer base being on Centos 4.5 and asterisk 1.2 all the way up to the current distro with no issues so it is all doable just takes lots of work and TESTING.

I think maybe a sidegrade would be more appropriate and safer.
What I mean is at least if we can backup all settings, bring over those settings to the “new” box per say then were not in bad shape.
I have been for the last hour or so configuring a new box with the Distro against my trixbox. Luckily we don’t have too many phones inhouse, but at an install where there are more than 20 handsets it’s not practical.

So the scenario I think goes like this:

  1. Run the conversion process to create a good backup for the new ISO, this would migrate settings per say to the new format/tables.
  2. Install on a seperate hard drive ( same server ) or new server from the Distro
  3. Run the restore which at this point would be a straight restore because the conversion made everything equal.

I think this is a much simpler process then trying to figure out all of the rpms to upgrade etc, and would give you a nice clean install which will be a little more stable.

Does that make sense? ( were turning this into a big thread )

Well just install the FreePBX Backup module on trixbox and do a backup and restore to the new distro.

LOL… you didnt tell me that an hour ago :wink:

I would have liked to try that to see if it works, have you done it?
I have some smaller clients I would like to test that on.

What is the name of the backup module so that I can download/install it?

Thanks Tony!!!

The backup module is here.

No I have not tried it as I do not have a trixbox machine anywhere.

There might be come cleanup that has to be done on the system afterwards with amportal settings and such for the DB but it should be pretty close.

IISG, trixbox 2.6 run FreePBX 2.5, so the backup module you want to download and install is:


Oh, and one more thing, they “upped” the version for FreePBX and called it 5.5 instead of 2.5 just to make sure that you could not migrate.
If you read this old thread: you find some information on how to migrate.

I was not thinking of retaining any of the trixbox install.

Think simpler, covert a FreePBX 2.6 backup to be able to restore on the disro.

The process would be simple:

1 - Install the FreePBX backup util on the trixbox
2 - Create a backup
3 - Copy backup file to new install
4 - Migrate backup data to distro

That’s what I had in mind.

Thought I should also throw out that Endpoint Manager is available for any distro (or non distro) that uses 2.9. It’s a core module now, not just a distro thing.