General CallPickup not working on ast12?

i’m testing the version beta 6.12 using asterisk 12
in the extensions sections i used pjsip, and put on callgroup 1 and callpickup 1 .
and using the *8 not work on the cisco phone.
i tested using chan sip, and not works (ast 12)

reinstalling the same beta, and using asterisk 11, works fine. using the same configuration on the extension settings. (chan sip of course)

any ideas?

You dont need to reinstall. You can switch asterisk versions on the fly you know?

yes, i know the switchversion command. thanks

but i don’t know how acts when i have psjsip extensions created and in use, they change to chan sip?

and anybody knows why not work the call pickup?

sorry of my english, i’m spanish and my english is not very good.

PJSIP don’t write call and pcikup groups to config. If I write myself all works fine.

You could just file a bug report so it gets done instead of you doing it manually…

Setting not applied to config files from web. If I set it manualy in file, all works fine. From RC till now 6.12

Please open a bug report on this.

i used swhichtversion command and works fine in ast11
i must changed the port of chan sip from 5061 to 5060 and delete/create the extensions again.


FC-67 already open, but no actions applied.

What is FC-67? That is not a tracking number of ours.

Sory, I’m can’t links here…

No one has replied because you posted it to the “contributed” issue tracker instead of “freepbx”. Contributed modules are unsupported.

I’ve moved it to the correct location – it’s now