GDPR compliance

Hello, I just installed FreePBX and I’m intending to use it on taking payments over the phone, and as part of the GDPR I’m not allowed to record phone calls with credit card details on my system, I’m wondering if there is any way to take the card details over the customer phone keypad.

any help is appreciated. Thanks,


You could use One Touch recording to turn the recording on/off as needed throughout the call. Otherwise you have to transfer the caller to an IVR to collect the DTMF and then do something with it such as run the card or store the information or both.

I wouldn’t rely on one-touch recording to have the people on the phone turn recordings on and off. That’s just fraught with peril. Most of the places that I go with either use teams (one recorded, one not) or they use IVRs that are simply not recorded.

I think I’ll go with the IVR to collect the card details, it’s more secure I guess, I need to figure it out if you can guide me for any useful info. Thanks in advance.


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