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Gateway and DHCP server on same subnet


Hi @kbillingsley. Thanks for your response. The setup I wanted was to have one NIC on one subnet and have this NIC function as the gateway and as a DHCP server, however, it is not possible to specify a gateway IP in the config for a NIC and also have the same NIC be a DHCP server. I then tried to accomplish this over two NICs thinking I could cheat it, and then found the integrated DHCP server will not work properly on the same subnet that has a gateway IP specified. I realize that it is possible to add static routes instead of making a NIC the gateway, but I want to use the GUI for setting up the server, as I’m not knowledgeable in Unix/Linux. In the end I’m going to use two NICs on two different subnets; one for reaching out on the internet and the other for the phones.

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Do the phones need to use a Gateway to get out of the network? In many cases, this isn’t required and you can just connect the phones using the DHCP server on PBX and have the phones use the local address as a default route (instead of mucking about with a Gateway setting).

I use DHCP on my phone server to talk to the phones on their own private network all the time. The phones don’t need to know how to get out of the network as long as the PBX is set up to bridge the traffic out (if you are using two NICs) or if the phones simply talk to the data network for everything but PBX traffic (with a single NIC).


Hi @cynjut

Thanks for your response. The phones do not need a gateway. It is for the PBX server so it can reach out to the internet.

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