Gabcast module connection issues [SOLVED]

Recently the Gabcast people changed over suppliers and were forced to use the g726 codec on the IAX link. This caused me a few issues because I could not work out how to get my Grandstread to negotiate the correct codec… Finally solved it as follows:

  1. Enabled the g726 codec via the “Asterisk IAX Settings” in “System Administration” section.

  2. Add the following code in custom extensions file ("/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf") to force use of the g726 codec for gabcast calls only.

;********** start **********
exten => _X.,1,SetVar,IAX_CODEC=g726

; end of [gabcast-custom]
; ********** end **********

I am now online again so hope this helps others who may be as foxed as I was :slight_smile: