g729 sip_general_additional.conf

My sip_general_additional.conf shows:


I want to use g729 and have bought a Digium license.

How do I get g729 into my sip config through the GUI??

upgrade to 2.6 and use the sipsettings module, or set g729 on the specific trunks or in sip_general_custom.conf.

I have all trunks set to:


And I upgraded to 2.6 and checked g729.

When I do “Sip show channels” during an inbound or outbound call the format, column shows ulaw.

This is a digium. paid, licensed g729 that verifies on the CLI.

Asterisk is 1.4.26
Centos is 5.2
I have 4 g729, digium licenses and no one else is calling at this hour.

Something’s not right.

I had all the trunks set to disallow all and allow g729&ulaw&alaw but not the extensions. Now that I have set the extensions to the above, most calls are showing g729.

I added more licenses. The remote phones seem to require 2 per call. That doesn’t seem fair or right but Digium doesn’t really provide any support after the sale and I couldn’t get an answer as to why (2 per remote?)

I assume it’s one channel to get to the PBX and one channel to make the call?

At $10 a pop for the license I can’t complain too much and I am now using about 60% less bandwidth.