G729 installation issue

Hi Guys, Trying to install G729 codec on asterisk 14.03.13 when I execut the load module command I et this error

MBICPBX01*CLI> module load codec_g729a.so
Unable to load module codec_g729a.so
Command ‘module load codec_g729a.so’ failed.
[2018-10-26 06:24:23] WARNING[4767]: loader.c:583 load_dlopen: Error loading module ‘codec_g729a.so’: /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/codec_g729a.so: undefined symbol: __ast_cli_register_multiple
[2018-10-26 06:24:23] WARNING[4767]: loader.c:1182 load_resource: Module ‘codec_g729a.so’ could not be loaded.

Any hints?

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