g729 Codec

I have am running freepbx on a VPS. I have 5 remote extensions and 1 g729 license. I currently have one of my extensions set to [email protected] Disallow=All. Can I a add this to another extension and still be ok with digium if I only have one channel. For example I add another extension like this [email protected] Disallow=All. Will bothe be able to use g729 just not when both are on the phone. Thank you


With a 1 channel license, you can configure as many SIP peers/endpoints as you like to use the codec, but one Asterisk will only allow one channel to be created at a time using the license.

What is the benefit of having 1 G729 license at all?
If you use G729 on your trunks, voice-mail won’t work unless you have a license so you have to consider the pros/cons.
If you need to reduce the bandwidth & performance of the network, then it’s worth buying what you need.

In respect to your question, once the 1st extension uses the license, the others won’t be able to communicate.

Many phones and VSP’s have paid for that license, Asterisk will “pass-though” such connections unimpeded and without using up a license, If you only need an occasional diversion to voicemail or MOH then that would be the benefit of just 1 free license, if you need more, for example a follow-me situation, then they are ten bucks each, it is up to the implementor to decide that need is.