G.722 for internal calls?

I’m not 100% sure if this is more trouble than its worth but I’d like the quality bump for g722 on our internal calls. I can certainly enable g722 in the SIP settings, make it first priority above ulaw, and do the same on our yealinks, but how will asterisk handle my ulaw only trunk? Will it transcode from 722 to ulaw, thus causing delays and issues (so I’ve heard, transcoding is bad), or will it somehow ask the yealink to use ulaw when speaking directly to the trunk?

In my experience the system will transcode the external calls. However, also in my experience, the system will handle the transcoding with ease (unless it’s severely under powered).

The biggest drawback IMHO is that Wireshark doesn’t natively decode G722 RTP streams troubleshooting can be hindered.