FYI: SNG7 updates released

If you’re already running SNG7, you should do a ‘yum update’ - that’ll upgrade your machine from 7.2.1611 to 7.3.1612.

There are no major changes in the OS (apart from the 7.2 -> 7.3 changes), and everything should be pretty painless.

One of the new helpers is a ‘Tiny 10gb’ installation option. I’ve been finding that I want to install small machines A LOT. So there’s now an option that doesn’t require you to fiddle around with it to make it work.

The other thing that I’m super nerdly happy about is that the md5sum of this ISO is 00000a2391e607f151fe5027a2fcbdca. It’s a REALLY UNUSUAL number, because it starts with all those zeros.

It’s like flipping a coin 41 times and getting heads 41 times in a row, and then tails on the 42nd time.

The ISO is on our download page, as usual

It may will be necessary to follow the yum update with:

fwconsole chown

Edit by xrobau: Changed ‘may’ to ‘will’