FXS gateways for motel rooms

Does anyone have a suggestion for SIP gateways for FXS? I am setting up a FreePBX system for our summer camp. it has about 80 guest rooms with analog phone handsets - we’d like to just use those - and would need several gateways with 16 or more ports each.

The problem is that Grandstream’s 4216,24,32,48 port gateways are basically no longer available - and i’ve never used some other brands… My search here was unproductive - maybe my search terms were not helping…

Thanx in advance!!

I’ve had good experiences in the past using Adtrans. From the old Atlas product line to Total Access more recently. I have three Total Access units for sale on eBay presently --> https://www.ebay.com/itm/224694420966. Each TA will allow for 24 analog lines to be broken out. I had them working with my FreePBX up until I migrated to an alternative solution and realized we didn’t utilize all of the analog lines. This would get you up to 72 total analog lines potentially…:grinning:

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Sangoma offers two higher density SIP to FXS products. The Vega 24-port Vega 3000G and the 50-port Vega 3050G. More details at:


Thanks for the great suggestions… Love to use the Sangoma ones but they’re a bit higher than I’m hoping to have to spend…
Found some 3com v7111’s which I’m testing now.

Check on Amazon for FXS gateways. They have some Grandstream units that should fit your needs…

I am using and Adtran Total access 924e (gen 2). It works great!

For sure, there are alternatives out there, but, where Sangoma offers the product that solves the business problem, your selection of Sangoma as your vendor, the place where you’re putting your money, is very important.
Sangoma makes significant ongoing investments in the technologies that we’re all enjoying here - Asterisk, FreePBX, and even these community forums.
So, if you have the opportunity to put the money back into Sangoma, you should; it’s good for Sangoma, and it’s good for you, too.

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