FXS for FreePBX

Can anyone suggest FXS card for Free PABX under $100


what do u think of this one: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Low-Profile-Authentic-X100P-SE-FXO-Digium-Asterisk-VoIP-/111201272784?pt=US_VoIP_Phone_Adapters&hash=item19e41cc3d0

At 29.95 that fits your under 100.00 price point. The worst that can happen is that it does not work well. A few dollars more for a more main stream card that is known to work might be a better investment.

I think Alan was asleep when he answered.

3 Major things with that care. It’s an FXO not an FXS, it’s not supported by DAHDI anymore, X100P are modems not telephony cards no matter how anyone markets them.