Fxotune does not work

Hi all,

Ok, I have been able to get our system up and running: a long process, but educational. Really like the FreePBX.

Anyhow all is working “well” - there are still a few catches but the most annoying one is PSTN echo cancellation, or lack there of.

So what do I have? Latest FreePBX distro with Asterisk 11.

First this I tried to do is run “fxotune -i -e4”. Well that does not work: complains about dev/dahdi/cls file or directory not found.

Not sure if this was a DAHDI tools problem I upgraded to Dahdi 2.7.0+2.7.0. (make, make install … ) Oh, the PSTN card is a Digium TDM410S with HWEC.

fxotune still does not work. Same complaint.

Also tinkered with the DAHDI system.cfg config file. Adding the line of HWEC 1,4 throws an error, where as the software echo OSLEC cancellation does not. But audio quality is just crappy (AASTRA 6739i phones)

Yet having all said that, first want to get fxotune to work. And yes, when using fxotune, amportal stop is executed prior.

Any insight is appreciated.