FXO outbound dial


I have a 8 port fxo device which is configured with my Freepbx as a trunk. all 8 fxo ports have analog lines which is connected on another legacy PBX system.
I am able to dial in two stage like first i dial 6102 that picks a FXO line and then i have to dial ext number. Is there any way to make it dial directly… like 6102extno.

below is trunk configuration -

Trunk Name: 6102
PEER Details:

FXO is running in one stage mode.

Define an outbound route with a matching dial pattern and select the “trunk 6102” on that outbound route.

Outbound route is already created with matching pattern and selected trunk 6102.
issue is when i dial 6102 its picks up fxo line then i need to dial extension no
my question is - is there any way i can pick up fxo line and dial extension directly…

Why are you dialling 6102?

Suppose you want to dial 11223344 on that FXO trunk.

You make a outbound route with a dialpattern with a prefix of f.e. 55 and a pattern match of X. and point that outbound route to “trunk 6102”.

When you dial 5511223344 the FXO trunk will receive 11223344 and should dial this accordingly.

I think I understand this.

He dials 6101 to get port 1 on the FXO, 6102 to get port 2, 6103 for port 3.

What a huge pain in the mule.

If that’s right, then it would have to go something like this:

  1. System dials 6101 (or 6102, etc.) and waits for a dial tone.
  2. Once Asterisk gets the dial tone, it dials the rest of the number for the intended recipient.

There was a question on here a few weeks ago about adding a ‘wait’ to an outgoing call for something like this. The answer, as I recall, was “nope, can’t do it.”

I’m having an idea, but it’s not complete. It would involve something like a bridge or a conference call. The first call would be to the FXO, followed by a bridged call to the recipient, followed by another bridged call to the person we’re calling.

It would suck, but I’d like to think something like that should be possible.

why don’t you setup an iax trunk between your two pbx’s (assuming both are asterisk based) and when properly configured you can do extension to extension dialing. using an analog line to call another pbx certainly will work but without the capability to put a “wait” into the string dialed, it will be difficult if not impossible to do what you want to do

Thanks… Dave and Bob.
6102 is sip user which is registered on Freepbx.

Today I registered FXO as an extension - 6102 and created a custom trunk with custom Dial string
Point the outbound route to this custom trunk.
It worked … when i dial 96 (dial pattern set in outbound route) custom trunk directly dial 200 without any wait or pause.

Then i configured another custom trunk with below custom dial string to send dialed no on fxo -
Dial(SIP/6102,60,D(w${EXTEN}),tTo) I got this dial string from my previous techroutes pbx.
and create new outbound route with match pattern 2XX

This is not working… can anybody help here?