FXO Out only? Is it possible to NOT pickup inbound calls?

I am trying to install an FXO card in all of my customer’s systems so that I can have a reliable 911/failover outbound in case the Internet connection is dropped. My thought is that I can use an existing Fax or alarm line and just send outbound calls in the rare occasion that there is an emergency or network outage. I can’t find a setting anywhere that will allow me to set a trunk as an outbound route only. Anytime the FXO trunk is rung, the inbound route is activated. There must be a way to assign a setting to the trunk to not answer, or am I crazy?

Thank you in advance for any help or light that you can shed on this for me.


You probably need to assign pseudo DID’s to your DAHDI FXO’s and remove your catch-all inbound route.

I have a feeling that this would only result in FreePBX still answering the channel, but having no inbound route assigned, it would error the caller. I am looking for a solution that would not pick up the call at all, as in a shared analog line for a fax machine where the fax machine would pickup the call, and not the PBX.

Is there another solution to this?

Thank you!


Assign DIDs to each channel as noted above. Create an inbound route for the channel you don’t want answered, and place an arbitrarily large number in the ‘pause before answer’ field.

No inbound route, no answer, feel free to feel otherwise.

I hope you are right. You very well might be. I will respond once I test. Thanks for the help!