FXO hardware detector functionality

I’m trying to make the transition from Elastix 2.4 (old, I know) to going purely with FreePBX, but it seems I’m missing a few components I normally take for granted. One of the most important administrative components I have is the FXO line monitor as seen here: https://i.imgur.com/x0W9Mpk.png - Does this (or a replacement) still exist in modern FreePBX?

On a separate note, I can’t get the call monitoring window in iSymphony v3 to load (other info windows do).

Any help on regaining these functions in the current version of FreePBX would be very appreciated.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

DAHDI config module let’s you setup DAHDI cards such as Digium and Sangoma cards

Hi Tony,

I was able to see and setup the card. My issue is after the install, I want to monitor if one of the phone lines goes down or is disconnected. The image speaks better than words.

Any help? Is this not doable?

Going back to your original request: There’s nothing in FreePBX that does this, but you’re asking the wrong question. This is a better question for Digium, since this is going to be a function of Asterisk and the Dahdi software, both of which are outside our (as a community) control.

Whatever was doing this in Elastix is probably still available, but it wasn’t part of Elastix - it was an add-on for them too. All they did was repackage FreePBX and Asterisk.

So, the answer to your question is “Yeah, that thing or a replacement for it should still available.” It just isn’t available from a stock FreePBX system. You might end up wanting something more like Nagios for this anyway - at least that way, you’ll get notified when something goes wrong.

cynjut - I think that’s the most clear answer I could hope for. Thanks so much for helping me understand that this module is not a part of FreePBX or Asterisk, but rather a separate package that was rolled into Elastix. I guess my next question is the one you posited for me - Can someone direct me towards a free module I can integrate with FreePBX that will replicate this functionality?

Nagios with Asterisk extension would probably do it, or something like it.

You should be able to query this from an SNMP client with an Asterisk MIB.

FOP2 should be able to give you the status of the DAHDI interfaces.

None of these is ‘precisely’ what you’re looking for, but the spirit of the request is there. Other than that - there’s nothing I’m familiar with that does this. Doesn’t mean it isn’t out there, just that it’s not something most of us need. The dashboard does a pretty good job of keeping me apprised of the situation on the system, and for everything that it’s doesn’t, I rely on ‘home grown’ solutions.

From the Asterisk CLI (log into the console and type ‘asterisk -vr’) you should be able to query the status of your DAHDI ports using one of the ‘dahdi show’ commands. Writing a quick PHP script that uses a "@status = command(‘rasterisk show dahdi whatever …)’ should be a 10-minute exercise, and then you can tailor it to your specific needs.

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