FXO / FXS Card - Analog Extension not working but Provider service does

So we have a Sangoma Analog card in a Sangoma 60 box.

The inbound calling from the phone provider works fine the card detects it properly. However we seem to be having constant issues with the analog extension. It’ll work fine for a while then all of the sudden say no line. It’s a DECT wireless phone base connected to it.

I checked using the watch wanpipemon


I checked port 3 which is the incoming voice line using watch -n 1 wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c astats -m 3

Which shows the correct line voltage from the provider and ringing voltage and inbound calling works.

I then issued [[email protected] ~]# watch -n 1 wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c astats -m 1

Which I believe would be correct to check port 1? Which is the analog extension when I do that it gives me a FXS Port 0 voltage status which keeps oscillating between -95.0000 Volts on TIP + VBAT and then -95.0000 Volts on Ring on a 1 second interval. I don’t know if this means anything or is correct?

My guess is that it is correct and something screwy is happening which is why the phone isn’t detecting a line

Does your card have a power connector and if so have you connected it?

Yes the card works fine for a period of time then all of the sudden only the extension stops working. However the inbound line works fine. It’s powered with the molex connector internally. The original card that came with the Sangoma 60 was DOA

Are there any known reasons why the card would be reading a value pulsing like that or any additional commands I can run that might help further diagnose?

That sounds like the analog MWI feature.

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That extension doesn’t have voicemail enabled

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