FXO Answer Delay

I have been running the FreePBX distro 2.10 for a few months now. Everything has been working great and we pass between 300 and 1000 calls a day though the system.

However, I am trying to clean up some little things that annoy me and the boss mainly.

The major issue is there is an additional ring on the end of the caller before the system picks up.

When a call is placed, the caller hears 1 ring before anything. This includes the IVR.

In Asterisk CLI:

Half ring hear on cell phone

– Starting simple switch on ‘DAHDI/6-1’ -Call from my cell

Full ring heard on cell Phone

– Executing [[email protected]:1] NoOp(“DAHDI/6-1”, "Entering from-dahdi with DID == ") in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:2] Ringing(“DAHDI/6-1”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:3] Set(“DAHDI/6-1”, “DID=s”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:4] NoOp(“DAHDI/6-1”, “DID is now s”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:5] GotoIf(“DAHDI/6-1”, “1?dahdiok:checkzap”) in new stack
– Goto (from-zaptel,s,9)
– Executing [[email protected]:9] NoOp(“DAHDI/6-1”, “Is a DAHDi Channel”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:10] Set(“DAHDI/6-1”, “CHAN=6-1”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:11] Set(“DAHDI/6-1”, “CHAN=6”) in new stack

From there it continues.

I have tried turning off caller id in the chan_dahdi.conf and have also added immediate = yes, but this has not helped.

Is there any way to get the system to start processing calls faster or is this as good as it gets?



Here is chan_dahdi.conf

;# Flash Operator Panel will parse this file for dahdi trunk buttons
;# AMPLABEL will be used for the display labels on the buttons


;#include chan_dahdi_general.conf
usecallerid = no
hidecallerid = no
callwaiting = yes
threewaycalling = yes
transfer = yes
echocancel = YES
echocancelwhenbridged = yes



; include dahdi-channels defined by dahdi_genconf
#include dahdi-channels.conf

; include dahdi groups defined by DAHDI module of FreePBX
;#include chan_dahdi_groups.conf

; include dahdi extensions defined in FreePBX
;#include chan_dahdi_additional.conf

On PSTN Lines, Caller ID is sent between the first and second ring. So, if you configure your FXO to answer the calls before then, you won’t get Caller ID on incoming calls.

If you don’t use Caller ID, I’m sure that there’s a way to configure them to pick up immediately.

We do not have caller ID on our lines so I do not have to worry about it not working.

I just need to make the system answer faster.


Also make sure you have no fax detection setup.

On analog you can not get any faster as the person making the call gets ringing sent to them by your carrier and that ringing starts before the call is even routed to your PBX. Nothing more you can do from your end.