Fwconsole start takes 5 minutes

fwconsole start is taking 5 minutes to finish.

and to be more specific the things that are taking too long are :

Setting Permissions
Setting Base permissions
Setting specific permissions

there is a line that says if it is taking so long then customize the chown command with this link:

i entered this link and created the file “freepbx_chown.conf” at /etc/asterisk
with these lines inside :

item = /etc/asterisk/bar.foo
directory = /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/
file = /etc/foo .bar,0644,root,asterisk
dir = /etc/mydir ,0755,root,asterisk
rdir = /tmp/foo/ ,755,root,asterisk
execdir = /bin/mydir ,0755,root,asterisk

but things did not change at all.

why is it taking so long ?

freepbx_chow.conf ?

sorry i edited it

The file you are editing is used to speed up the chown process. If you run:

fwconsole chown 

and it doesn’t take 5 minutes to complete, you’re looking in the wrong place.

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I took 4 minutes sir.

so how could i speed up this process ?
what should i exactly add to the freepbx_chown.conf file? and should i reboot or something before fwconsole start ?

Presumably there is a directory with a large number of files that is slowing the process. Identify that directory (or directories) and add them to the chown blacklist.

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thank you sir.

i ran this command:
find /

then i found out that there are many files in /var and in /usr directory so i added these directories to the blacklist then i got really fast.

but i need to ask you if this would affect anything in terms of freepbx performance or security?

thanks in advance

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