Fwconsole start at boot ubuntu


How to start fwconsole start at boot on ubuntu?

how to start freepbx at boot on ubuntu 14>??

You are probably best starting it in /etc/rc.local, it’s cheap but cheerful and avoids all the systemd/upstart/whatever “improvements” your OS decides on:-)

I did, but it dosent work

[email protected]:~# cat fw.sh
/usr/sbin/fwconsole start

[email protected]:~# cat /etc/rc.local
#!/bin/sh -e
sh /etc/init.d/S97-setup.sh
exit “0” >>/etc/apt/sources.list
echo 600 > /sys/block/sda/device/timeout
echo 600> /sys/block/sr0/device/timeout
test -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key || dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server
/bin/sh /root/fw.sh
exit 0

looks like i got it right

i changed it to

[email protected]:~# cat /etc/rc.local
#!/bin/sh -e
#sh /etc/init.d/S97-setup.sh
#exit “0” >>/etc/apt/sources.list
#echo 600 > /sys/block/sda/device/timeout
#echo 600> /sys/block/sr0/device/timeout
#test -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key || dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server
sh '/root/fw.sh’
exit 0

it does not look right to me, it exits after line 3 which in itself is wrong for so many reasons, so only the setup script is run.