Fwconsole reload suddenly failing

freepbx 15, suddenly I have started to see errors when I try to issue a fwconsole reload

fwconsole reload

Reload Started

touch: cannot touch ‘/etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf’: No such file or directory

[ERROR] Error code 1: trying to create empty file /etc/asterisk/"/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf"

Reload Complete

far as I know the only things that has changed is autoupdates ran on the weekend.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

oddly though, of my 2 PBX’s, on the same hardware, and the same config, one server works flawlessly and the other now fails to reload.



WTF did that come from , not to my knowledge from any version of FreePBX.

thats a wonderful question. theres a whitespace in there too… so did something set a variable to " /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf" ?
i cant grep it in /etc/asterisk either

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i’d found that thread earlier. sadly, it doesn’t actually offer anything I haven’t already tried.

fwconsole is a php script, use standard php debug tools to run it and see what goes oopsie

This scripter.conf seems to part of FOP2’s scripter.

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