Fwconsole reload from Web GUI

(Jim Mantle) #21

Some time ago (1-2 weeks) I changed the link-test from
(if it fails three consecutive tests, each 30 seconds apart) to
(if it fails three consecutive tests, each 10 seconds apart).

We had a momentary failure today, failed over, failed back 44 seconds later. No disconnect from the VOIP service. The quicker detection was the probable reason - we failed-back before the firewall had a chance to close the idle UDP port.

I’m still chasing the cause of the temporary failures - the link ran problem-free for 20 months initially, so it is capable and can do the job - but there is a squirrel in there somewhere. I also put money in the budget to get some different hardware.

Thank you again, to all, for their input.

(Jim Mantle) #22

Which of the Tranzeo products did you use for your PtP link? I need about 2000-2500 feet, line of sight, would prefer to work in the 5G band, and would need to get higher throughput speeds (e.g. some of their products are advertised as 20Mbps - too slow).

(Dave Burgess) #23

The ones I used are not in the catalog, but a pair of TR5Plus-24 will do 54MBPS at 15000 feet (5km). I noticed that their 4.9GHz offerings also provide about the same performance.

With the size of catalog, I’d work with pre-sales engineering. In your specific instance - specifically being around NavAids - they might have more insight into what would be a working configuration for you.