FWConsole MA Upgradeall Updates Failing

One of my hosted deployments on VULTR, I went to make sure its up to date as I do monthly. From the CLI I ran yum update -y (all up to date) then ran fwconsole ma upgradeall and it did its updates. I then went to the GUI and clicked apply when complete and got an error and it said run fwconsole reload --verbose so I did that

I have a warning in Dashboard that says 3 apps are disabled and need to update restapps, sangomaconnect, sangomartapi. I went back to the cli and console ma upgradeall again and I notice in red: Unable to Install module restapps… Endpoint manager module version or higher is required and you have 16.0.86… I then get 2 more red errors : Unable to resolve dependencies for module sangoma connect and same for restapps and same for sangomartapi

Ive rebooted the server, Ive ran fwconsole ma upgradeall multiple times with the same 3 errors. I went and also ran fwconsole mma install endpoint and it said it installed but then when I run fwconsole ma upgradeall again it still errors saying my endpoint is 16.0.86

Ive never ran into this before or had this happen. Is there some bug? How do I resolve this?

try to refresh 1st pbx signatures.

fwconsole ma refreshsignatures

After that try to upgrade all module with --edge

fwconsole ma --edge upgradeall

Nope, same exact issues after running these commands

This definitively appears to be a bug. I ran fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --force and it installed 16.0.86. Then I run fwconsole ma upgradeall and every time I get an error saying Missing Dependency endpoint

HI @defcomllc

EPM ver is available from the stable repo, so if you’re unable to download it, the most likely explanation is that you’re using the paid version of EPM and the maintenance period has expired. You can renew using the instructions on this page: How to Renew FreePBX Commercial Modules Maintenance - Sangoma Portal/Store - Documentation

If maintenance is current, and you’re able to download other modules from the mirrors, then it’s a support issue.

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I have maintenence paid on epm till.2024 its valid… i cant open a ticket becayss it wont let me proceed without selecting an asset.

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