Fwconsole backup -restore ./file_name fails saying file not there

Tried to restore a FreePBX 15 server using a version 13 backup file.

fwconsole backup --restore ./20200406-220301-1586224981-

Transaction ID is: 25d2c326-2bb0-42bd-901a-c4cb16e22f08

In Backup.class.php line 248:

File ./20200406-220301-1586224981- does not exist or can not be found!

The backup file is most definitely in /root

-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 174275755 Apr 6 22:06 20200406-220301-1586224981-

Any ideas?

Hi @Hawkeye I believed your issue resolved as we discussed over the raised jira or are you facing any other issue here ? thanks.

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