Future of UC in FreePBX? Competition is ahead

Does the FreePBX team have something in the pipeline when it comes to expanding UC, such as screen sharing, video calling, etc?
My managers are actually quite jealous of what e.g. 3CX can do with their web meeting functionality etc, as well as their mobile integration.
I know there is Bria (too expensive) and Zulu, but compared to the competition, UC in FreePBX is still fairly weak in my opinion.

Any plans to expand on this?

Yes we are working on it. Go look at our wiki on the new Zulu 2.0 coming out this week.

Next up for Zulu is chatting and screensharing.

Everyone has their own requirements for UC and we are doing everything we can. It all takes time and we have a team the tenth the size of 3CX and one thousandth the size of Cisco.


And 3cx from a system management perspective is ABSOLUTE rubbish!

Try doing simple things like nested time conditions in 3CX!!

I actually think FreePBX is very close to 3cx now in features with PJSIP. I do use FOP2 which is very good as well… Have have not been impressed iSymphony.

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