FusionPBX trunk with Asterisk

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed FusionPBX and i want to make a trunk to my already installed asterisks ,

I have already configured the gateway and it’s registered on both sides , also ACL is allowed

but i can’t make calls to/from asterisks , is there any guide or config that i’m missing ?

the error that i’m getting is that the extension is not found ( 404 ) , but the extention is created

By gateway do you mean the trunk? Registering on both sides doesn’t make sense as to register you need to know the address of the other side, but the only real purpose of registration is to let the other side know your address. If you need to register, the other side wouldn’t have the information needed to register itself. My suspicion is that both sides should be set to not register.

It is not completely clear to me as to the direction of the call, and whether it is Asterisk that is generating 404. If it is FusionPBX to Asterisk and Asterisk is generating the 404, you need to provide the full log from Asterisk, as per:


You may also need to augment this with protocol logging (CLI: pjsip set logger on (or if use the obsolete driver, sip set debug on).

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