Further 'Alert Info' advice

Hi I am looking for some advise on sending an Alert Info string to a handset to achieve a different ring on an Inbound Route, the reading I have done is that the phone has to support the ring (obviously) and the string has to be sent in angled brackets (< >), I have tried many combination but so far am unable to get a different ring.

Reading further (http://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/Help-with-distinctive-ringtone-on-provisioned-IP321/m-p/5169#M636) it talks about editing the SIP.CFG file, so I cloned one of my templates and edited it with this text

(http://pastebin.com/XQzMkVei) and applied the template to my handset and tried sending various alert info strings to the phone, <\Beeble> / <\ringer10> / <\custom10> (without the back slash) etc., still no luck, is there anyone around who could point me in the right direction with this?

There are some ridiculous suggestions out there such as configuring the handset with two extensions and sending external calls to the ‘hidden’ extension while internal call go to the known extension, I am not going to do this.

If nothing else you can change it on the phone directly:

On the IP 550 I have sitting here I can see 24 different ringers. 14 with unique names and another 10 that say SystemRing.wav (might be room for uploaded files?)

I’d imagine the format is a little different for each phone type so I’m not sure how much this will help but I recently figured it out for Yealink phones. With those you just point to where the sound file is (internal to the phone or it can download it from somewhere)

**edit: here is one that was set up a long time ago. These guys have a mix of Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink, and Aastra phones but I know this ringer doesn’t work on all of them (that might be the format for the Aastra, I don’t remember).

Feel free to laugh at the PBX. They’re one of those that don’t want to pay to either upgrade it or move it to the cloud.

Perfect ! Thank you for your reply, I’ve been away from phone things for a while.

the works perfectly on my Yealink T19 and these are the phones my end users have - I got absolutely nowhere with my Polycom IP335’s (the phone I have in my office) but got the Yealinks working within seconds :smile:

I should have gone the Yealink route right from the start.

Thanks again :smile: