"Function SIP_HEADER not registered" is harmless but litters the logs... can it be defeated?

Am using PJSIP with FPBX16/Asterisk 18 Sangoma distro. I have read all existing topics with relation to this error message in this forum and so I am fully aware that this is harmless – this is all the more reason to be able to defeat having this wasting CPU/storage.

Can this actual message be defeated WHILE all other errors are still getting logged into the files/console?


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Can you share a call trace via pastebin showing a call where these warnings are generated? I just checked a few non-production systems and I’m not seeing them.

It does seem to be used in the friendly scanner reporting, without a technology check:

If that’s the source of the warnings, then they should go away by disabling “Allow SIP Guests” in Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings.

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