Function Request - Voice mail / e-mail


Could I request/suggest a small upgrade to the function that sends voice-mail by e-mail.

  1. A) Could I suggest a spot in general setting where the administrator can put the actual web address of the voice-mail server.

    b) Like with fax information, could this be pulled through by default to individual users (extensions) so that the default can be either used or another web address can be input as appropriate.

  2. If the user / administrator has elected to delete voice-mails after they have been sent as e-mails, then could I suggest that the system be able to delete/not send:

“Dial *98 to access your voicemail by phone.
Visit http://AMPWEBADDRESS/recordings/index.php to check your voicemail with a web browser.”

Thank you.



Your request was / is not dismissed, I have no control over Freepbx or the contents

If you really want it go post a ticket for it.

As me being any other than a user, I wish… I am only doing computer stuff cuz it is easy and I do not have to think.

I am a better cook, than farmer, a better farmer, than computer consultant.
It is just I am to fat to cook (I eat WAY TOO MUCH my own cooking)
I am to fat and have a bad back so I can not do the labor for farming

So I have the last skill to fall back on, pecking and a keyboard and click the mouse…

All request are good request if they fill a need.


Sorry “dismissed” may have been too strong a word.

I guess you were the unlucky catalyst for a venting but I was not trying to be critical just to sensitize the pros like yourself to the needs of those less endowed re experience or capability (myself included).

Keep up all your great work, I for one, learn a lot from most of your posting all over the Trixbox and FreePBX forums.

Thanks & Regards


edit the file

Thanks bubba,

I know that this can be done and have done it myself in previous builds. It takes a little work to find this file the first time but my comment related to GUI.

My point was to suggestion/request a need added feature which would not be very difficult to implement and would make it easier for those limited to GUI use of FreePBX. As purpose of FreePBX is to provide GUI on top of asterisk I would have thought this request was in line. I am not a PHP etc programmer but I expect this modification would be so simple/quick that it would be easy to justify doing. As it is likely much simpler than many other mod’s that would take a long time to do and yet not have as much visual / operational impact on user/administrators. Again Bubba I would ask that you remember that FreePBX’s mission to provide a GUI and many users have a lot less experience with conf files than you and I (you have a lot of experience and I have a modest amount of experience).

Ultimately I may have to learn PHP etc and I can post suggested code for items like this but I am not there yet!

In any case, thanks for reply. As always you provide quick feedback which is of great value.



As that only needs to be set once.
and some where is a script which you run to set all the email settings I think putting into the GUI is just clutter…just my option…

It replaces the var (webserveraddress) with what you enter when prompted…
It has been a while since I saw the script I assume it is still out there


Understood and your point is valid from your perspective. In fact I would guess 60-80% of freePBX would agree with you because like you they are very comfortable going into / out of config files and script. That being said if the user base is to grow, we need more GUI not less. I also respect your stream lined dare I say minimalist perspective because of the positive benefits it provides you and your clients but in my humble opinion the reason Windows became so popular and the reason Linux is now becoming more popular is due to GUI. Unfortunately more is better. That being said, I think Linux config file approach is a powerful approach that provides significant advantages. I am sure your much more aware of those advantages than I as you delve into the heart of these things more than I.

Re set once and forget. While in some ways that may be valid I would counter that much of FreePBX’s GUI provides access to variables (config info) which is set once and not touched again. Taking that approach and I really hope this never happens, FreePBX should revert to config files for all admin functions and leave GUI only for users. While this may prove more stable for experts (people at your level of experience) for others it would be a mess (I suspect I fall into this camp and certainly people new to Linux and asterisk would be firmly in this camp).

All this to say from a “computer geek’s” (a poor description which is not meant to be negative in any way) point of view, I am sure many agree with you but from a “dumb user’s” (I aspire to Geek but likely fall more in this camp) please have pity on us and take note of GUI requests. If the request get loud enough or frequent enough even if they seem silly to the “Geeks”, it would be appreciated if they were considered. Ultimately we all have the same goal to make things better.

Sorry for rant but in most circles I would be considered a “Computer Geek” but compared to you and many like you I’m just a beginner and I get frustrated when GUI requests are dismissed by the real “Computer Geek” because I know that people with less capabilities with computers would find FreePBX, Trixbox still too complicated to even try it. I suspect when the GUI has too much gushy hand holding stuff even for me that then it will be ready for a much wider audience. Just my view! I hope this is my fist/last rant on my pet peeve.

Thanks again for all your input to this project. I may from time to time have a different perspective but I always respect and appreciate your responses.