Fully working system..SIP Clients become deregistered if left

Asterisk v13.0.1
FreePBX v12.0.64
Ubuntu 14.0.4

Sip Clients, irrespective of platform (windows, Linux, Android), all register and make calls correctly when first run. Calls made between clients work fine and remain open for as long as call in progress.

If the SIP client is left ‘idle’ for a while it becomes de-registered. (Regestration Timeout message displayed). The clients don’t auto ‘re-register’. On Android, I have found that the only way to ‘re-register’ is to Force Stop the Client and re-run it.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Many thanks


Could be a number of things. Are these extensions on Local network, Remote? or a mix of both?

you could try watching your console to see if it gives any hints, in Shell just do
asterisk -rvvv
or if that doesnt work
asterisk -r
then when in CLI> core set vebose 10

and just watch… wait for an endpoint to disconnect and see if it give you an error. It sounds to me like the end point are not keeping the connection alive… if they are remote, is the extension set with nat=yes? … also is you internal and external IP setup correctly in Settings > Astertisk Sip settings? are you qualifying the extensions? (Ie the setting qualify = yes) - This sends an OPTIONS packet to the phone every once in a while to keep the connection alive.

If they are remote… you also may need to port forward port 5060, and the RTp ports 10000-20000… or enable nat on the endpoints AND asterisk



I’ve found that the registration default of 3600 seconds needed to be changed to 45 seconds on our clients to solve a de-reg problem

Thank you both so much for your replies.

I’m getting the issues on both LAN and remote devices.
Extensions are set with NAT=Yes, force rport comedia.
Extensions are ‘qualified’ as well with a refresh of 60 seconds.
Internal and External IP addresses are correct in SIP settings too.
Firewall has port forwarding set for all those ports (and a few more that I picked up blocked traffic for originating from my clients).

I’m running the uber verbose console now though to see if I can spot anything so thanks for that suggestion.

I have also changed the re-registration default to 45s to see if that resolves it. :slight_smile:

I’ll update once I have some news.

Thanks again.



I promised an update…

It would appear that Overkill’s solution is the one that works… Changed registration default to 45s and the problem goes away so many thanks for your help Overkill.