Full log flooded by ERROR messages about missing match in IDENTIFY


I have just migrated from distro 10 to 13. Although my configuration is the same for PJSIP extensions, with current 13 branch of FreePBX my full log gets flooded by these messages for all extensions…

[2018-08-26 11:32:53] ERROR[2272] res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip.c: Identify ‘7299-identify’ is not configured to match anything.
[2018-08-26 11:32:53] ERROR[2272] res_sorcery_config.c: Could not create an object of type ‘identify’ with id ‘7299-identify’ from configuration file ‘pjsip.conf’

The PBX looks to work fine, the identify sections are the same on old and new system.


Please, do someone know how to get rid of the errors?

Thank you.

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