Full Headphone-Style Headset?

A new employee wants a headset that has the full over-the-ear headset that will block out background noise when she’s on the phone, similar to the 3M WorkTunes that I have for in my shop, only with a microphone of course. I’ve been able to find nothing at all like this available, only the on-ear style like I’ve already given her. The closest to what she describes that I can find is a gaming headset with 3.5mm connectors for audio & microphone. I found some RJ9 to 3.5mm adapters available online, but the reviews are about 50-50 as to whether they actually work or not. This user has a Cisco 7960 running SIP firmware if that matters.

Just wondering if anyone has had to deal with something like this and what your solution was.

What is the point of letting a user demand full cup earphones?
There are many noise cancelling headsets out there.


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I have a Poly Voyager Focus UC that I use regularly. It cancels noise extremely well, but it is a bit heavy on head. Definitely took some getting used to after using the light weight Plantronics CS520s for years.

Well, the user went to the manager whining and crying about how she’s not going to be able to hear with either a handset or the standard headset I gave her and how she needs one that fully encloses her ears. (Despite everyone else being able to hear with no problem.) The manager was convinced by this performance, came to me, and said “Get her something like what she wants”. Doesn’t matter how stupid I personally think it is, how much of a waste of money/effort it is, that this individual probably isn’t going to be employed here all that much longer given her overall attitude, or that it’ll sit unused in a drawer because nobody wants to use something as bulky as what she wants. Once her sniveling convinced the manager that it was a legitimate request, I’m required to find something and not only that, but one she likes. :anguished: :expressionless:

Thank you for the links - going through them now. :slight_smile:

Know the feeling. Make sure to bill her department for it. That helps nip this stuff.

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