Full HDD FreePBX

Hello, The system reports to me:

Storage space is getting high on the following drives of your system:
/dev/sda2 is 76% full

Unfortunately I don’t have access to SSH consoles. Can I delete old backups from the web interface?
Thank you for the advice.

If you know what is filling up the drive like call recordings you can put a script in a prebackup script to delete them.

… I have too many backups of the 2018xx.tgz system with about 0.5GB of data. Don’t know how to delete them?

Why would you not have access to SSH but you’re responsible for backup and restore?

A one time solution if you don’t have shell access, add in the GUI for the backup the field for pre-backup script

rm -rf /var/spool/asterisk/backup/*

Run the backup ,it will leave you with just one backup, delete that line and add a realistic ‘delete after’ schedule.
Regain your shell access ,you really need it :wink:

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