Full HDD FreePBX

(Petr Blažek) #1

Hello, The system reports to me:

Storage space is getting high on the following drives of your system:
/dev/sda2 is 76% full

Unfortunately I don’t have access to SSH consoles. Can I delete old backups from the web interface?
Thank you for the advice.

(Aaron) #2

If you know what is filling up the drive like call recordings you can put a script in a prebackup script to delete them.

(Petr Blažek) #3

… I have too many backups of the 2018xx.tgz system with about 0.5GB of data. Don’t know how to delete them?

(Dave Burgess) #4

Why would you not have access to SSH but you’re responsible for backup and restore?


A one time solution if you don’t have shell access, add in the GUI for the backup the field for pre-backup script

rm -rf /var/spool/asterisk/backup/*

Run the backup ,it will leave you with just one backup, delete that line and add a realistic ‘delete after’ schedule.
Regain your shell access ,you really need it :wink:

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