Full asterisk version that is included with each FreePBX distro

I have a SIP provider that is going to delay my installation to “certify” my pbx version if I roll out the lastest stable version of the FreePBX distro. Currently I am running FreePBX version 5.211.65-14 with Asterisk version 11.10.2

To speed up my installation time, I’d like to drop a FreePBX distro on the box (for now) that has 11.04 version of asterisk that is already certified.

Going to the ISO page: http://downloads.freepbxdistro.org/ISO/ I can’t tell what distro might have the needed Asterisk version.

Is there a page with distro release notes or a matrix so I can see what the full versions are?


You will find the versions in the release notes on the wiki, I believe you will have to go pretty far back to get to the version you are looking for.

Certified by your carrier or not, there were some security issues that were addressed in June, included in newer versions of Asterisk so I would advise not running the older versions for too long before upgrading.

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I just want to be able to stand up a box on installation day if necessary to appease them. I don’t plan on running that old version long term.

Is there any handshaking on the SIP connection that would allow them to know the version?

It’s all smoke and mirrors with SIP, they sound like moron’s , just change your user agent string to


And watch them spin their wheels.

Based on the quick search I did. Asterisk will just report a user agent string of “Asterisk PBX” by default. Correct? Not that I am in the business of lying. But it appears they won’t know what version I am running anyway.

I believe that the “last man out” in the sip.conf tree would be the ultimate included file


So for a temporary confusthebuggers situation I would lie about your stuff there.

echo “useragent=Cisco-SIPGateway/IOS-12.x” >> /etc/asterisk/sip_custom_post.conf

(or whatever they will buy)

but generally it will be set in FreePBX by default in:-


as something like


When you are done, ask them for a copy of the certification process. If they really have one it would be an interesting thread. More than likely bubba just loads it up in his cube, makes a few phone calls and certifies it. If they really have SIP standards compliance testing that would be most surprising.

It’s one of the reasons that most PHONE vendors don’t even write their own SIP stacks they leave it to the guru’s. Even Asterisk tossed in the towel and now includes PJSIP