FTP Remote Backups are getting deleted when Delete After is set to something other than 0

We are running FreePBX and Asterisk 13.12.2
We have Daily backups set up to be put on a remote FTP server.
Everythis works fine as long as the Delete After min/day/weeks/month/years is set to 0.
if something other then 0 is in that field the backup runs and the gets deleted from the FTP server by the PBX.
So it puts it there then it deletes it.

Also if there is a number in in the other Delete After field it lets the backups get to that number and then deletes the newest one instead of the oldest one.

Has any one seen this issue and how to fix it?

What is your backup
version? is the Backup & Restore Module verision

Has any one see this problem and have a fix?

26.3 has some ftp changes in it. you may see if updating makes a difference. Short of that see if there is a bug at https://issues.freepbx.org and if not create one

Updating the version did not fix the issue. I am creating a bug issue.

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