FTP Call Recording

Ok, so our server has a rather small hard drive (Specifically it’s a virtual instance), I would like for the call recordings to be FTP transferred (with username and password) to a remote FTP server, preferably in a compressed format, to save bandwidth. Also preferably after the phone call ends (Or once a day). And then deleted from the server. I’m not too worried about breaking the user panel interface, since the users won’t need access to the recordings and the only time recordings would be pulled is when the proverbial excrement hit the rotary blades.

I’ve read a couple of forum posts that seemed smack on on what to do, but they never seemed to fully flush out. The OP’s must have had more knowledge than I because they usually just commented back with they got it working.

Any help much appreciated. Also if there was a way to rename the file to Extension called - incoming number - time - date - year. That would be much appreciated.