FTP Backup Issue

I created a new FTP server for backup (the server is an FTP one on windows 2003R2 server)
I set the “backup” path on freepbx to backup into the “backup” directory of FTP server root

If I do a backup named “test” all goes OK
the directory %ftproot%/backup/test is created as well as the relative .tgz file

When I try a restore the “test” directory is not displayed , neither a .tgz file

The FTP server log says :

USER myuser 331 0
PASS - 230 0
CWD backup// 250 0
QUIT - 500 0 (that is a “command unrecognized” error)

That double slash after CWD backup makes me worry
Is this a known issue ?
Should I check something particular ?

Thank you

I’m relatively new to FreePBX…but just a couple of suggestions. 1. try to FTP from the bash shell into your FTP server. Login using your credentials - do you see the folder and file of your backup? (i.e. are permissions on your FTP server preventing directory listings or viewing files).
If that looks right my advice is more generic…check for strange characters in your path, etc. (The CWD command with // parameter suggesting your path text is wrong/invalid/missing).

and the ftp restore will by default look in the root directory - add the subdirectory to the backup or copy the file to the root directory

I “wiresharked” my ftp server
These are data exchanged :

Request: CWD backup//
Response: 250 CWD command successful.
Request: TYPE A
Response: 200 Type set to A.
Request: PORT 172,16,217,120,222,182
Response: 200 PORT command successful.
Request: NLST
Response: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list.
Response: 226 Transfer complete.
Request: PORT 172,16,217,120,131,38
Response: 200 PORT command successful.
Request: LIST -d1 */
Response: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
Response: 550 -d1: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
Request: QUIT
Response: 221

That command LIST -d1 */ is not liked by ftp server…
Same issue with another linux ftp server

I think it’s an issue inside the backup module…
Any report from Schmooze guys ??



i’m looking to restore a backup done few minute ago on same server
On FTP server configuration I specified the “backup” directory as path, so the tgz file is written under :

As you correctly states, when I choose restore I should see the “backup” folder (that resides on the ftp root) displayed on guy and then navigate inside to reach the .tgz file
But nothing is displayed when restore is done…