FS: Complete solution for Vonage-type services

Dear colleagues,

We offer a new profitable package of services/software for those of you who want to provide Vonage-type services.
The solution consists of VM2000+SM7000+Norfa

Also we do VM and SM upgrades up to the latest versions at affordable price.
If you faced any other problems related to VM and SM configuration, support, installation e.t.c. you are welcome to get professional advice and/or assistance.

Please send your inquiries to
[email protected]


Great… Dont tell me spamer are back again…

clambert wrote:

[quote] Great… Dont tell me spamer are back again…

I don’t really think that /one/ message really qualifies as “the
spammers are back again”. The job done recently to clean up the list
has been absolutely fantastic. Weeding out these pests is damn near a
full-time job.

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