fs_cli help

Hey Guys, Me and a friend are trying to switch over from Asterisk to FreePBX, and so far we love it, but we’re having a couple hangups, the following is just a bit of a pet peeve and not really a major issue, but if anyone knows any way to get this done it would really help

Basically what’s goin’ on is It’s annoying having to go to /opt/freeswitch/bin/fs_cli Just t get to start the CLI, me and my friend are trying to find a way where we can just run fs_cli from the base linux cli Just like asterisk does.
(preferrably from ~ or /) But everywhere we’ve looked we can’t find a way to do it, Any tips?


Disregard, I found the answer.

There is the PATH feature to add directories to your shell’s search path.

to make a permanant path you must modify the /.bash_profile file in the root directory, i.e.

vi /root/.bash_profile

Add in under any current PATH entried the following
( PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin )
( export PATH )
( unset USername )

Note, things in parenthises are already in this file.
Note, in order for this to work after saving you must logout and log back in and viola, go to your root and try out fs_cli It’s magically delicious, like PBX Lucky Charms.