Frontier Communications to Freepbx

Setting up Frontier Communications to Freepbx. Frontier has provided us with a cisco isr-4321 for 8 channel sip trunks. The connection provides an IP address x.x.x.226 and gateway of x.x.x.225 I have this connection to a router as the wan port and have a local address of for local addresses and freepbx as on the local address. The problem is that the local addresses cannot ping the Frontier cisco at x.x.x.226 has anyone had any experience with this type of setup?

Not an answer for your problem, but the mere mentioning of Frontier Communications makes me cringe. Assuming they are also the internet provider(and there is no other providers available in the area), I would make the investment and get Starlink internet and move my DIDs to a reputable provider.

This in no way answers your networking question, just my experience with that company has been nothing but negative and don’t like to see others take that journey.

Also look into hosting your Freepbx in the cloud, way more benefits than local installs IMO.

I will concur , around here Verizon landlines including TDM and above where sold to Frontier, and from that point in time, nothing but incompetence and stupidity has been observed.

The same issue here in western North Carolina. Verizon made the sale to Frontier and fell over themselves running away. There is no such thing as cable maintenance, plus we have no fiberoptic to the home. There is no degree of competence when dealing with Frontier.

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