From Phone Book to Directory

I am very new to working with the freepbx at our church, and was not the one to set it up so please bare with me.

I recently made the change from using the phone book to using a directory, which has been a good move as it seems to be much more user friendly. The problem I am having now though is that once I spell the first few letters of a name, it rings that extension but then will not transfer to their voicemail when no one answeres, instead I get a message that says: “Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again”. When I don’t use the directory and I type in the extension it will ring and then go to voicemail as normal.

Can someone please help me to figure out why it is not handing off to voicemail when I ring an extension through the directory?

Please let me know if you need any additional information as I will be glad to give it!


This is not normal behavior.

I don’t know what could be causing the problem, but if you want others to help, you’ll need to supply more information.

What version of FreePBX are you using?

Are you using a Distribution? If so, which one? Elastix, PBX In A Flash, AsteriskNOW, the FreePBX Distro?

I suspect that the answer is going to involve doing a new installation. If you have to do that, I recommend the FreePBX Distro. You should start here for instructions:

I figured it wasn’t normal, and that I would need to supply more info. Unfortunately I wasn’t the one who installed it, I am coming in after the fact to support it.

Here is what I know:
Version: FreePBX
Distribution: I am not sure about this? Is there a way to tell? I see a lot of references to Asterisk and FreePBX throughout the different pages but nothing about Elastix, or PBX in flash. If you can tell me where I can find this I would be glad to put the info up here.

I sure hope I don’t have to start over!

Thanks for your response!