From one astrer to second over IAX2 to exact outbound route

Hi all!
Need help with FreePBX.
I have two FreePBX interconnected by IAX2 trunk, context from-internal.
I need to route some numbers from one freepbx to another over IAX and to the exact outbound route.
There is 4 outbound routes on second PBX and need to use 3rd route when call from special number from first aster.
I need to complete last part of the call: route incoming call on second asterisk to exact outbound route.
At this time calls use default/first outbound route, but i need them to use 3rd.
Thx in advance.

Then you need to send the call in a way that matches the proper outbound route. You have a higher priority route that these calls are matching against. Either change the order of the routes or make it so the call can match specifically to that third route.

Everything ok with outbound from first asterisk. Problem is how to catch that call (from first aster over IAX) on second asterisk and push it to ritght outbound route. I need to set some special parameters (cid, context ot something…) to outbound call from first aster, get this parameters from call on second aster and push this call to 3rd outbound route.
But i don’t know how to do it… how to set that parameters…
Special number is in the special custom context, but how to catch that context on second aster?

Ok, changed priority of outbound routes on second aster, set 3rd to first place. Now special calls select it by default (as first one) and call passes right, but… If i need two or more such configurations to use different routes?! By default all of them will use firts one as default…
So i need to pass some cpecial parametres from first and catch them on second asterisk and push that call to right outbound route, based on special parametres of call.

Yes because that is how this works. The first one to match wins. Perhaps you should prefix these calls then strip the prefix in that outbound route.

Can you explain, please, how to do that on FreePBX?
Where should i do that on first asterisk? On outbound route or somewere else?
Where should i strip prefix on second aster?

May be it is possible to catch it on “inbound route” on second asterisk and send it to righ place?

Found the solution with CID filter in outbound routes.

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