From IP trunk right into IVR (doesnt work)


bad news, Im suppose to use forums. Hope it will be easy solution because it must be its just about how to setup one incoming trunk right into IVR, nothing else.

FreePBX 15 installed, IVR configured, extension for final destination created, trunk created and registered both ways by IP.

Incoming call via trunk is comming and trying to reach toIVR context where it says that extension 1234 doesnt exist.
How to hack this GUI things works?
Unfortunately, Im suppose to use FreePBX GUI while I write my own contexts for years. First time with FreePBX and its driving me crazy.

So please how to configure this stupid thing?
Incoming call via SIP trunk -> works
Need to terminate this call in IVR which in some cases can end in outbound extension (SIP VoIP phone).

Many thanks for your suggestions because really dont understand inbound/outbound routing coz it doestn work as I expect.

BTW: Inbound route for 1234 with IVR as destination doesnt work totally, even with fwconsole reload its not part of dialplans “contexts”.

Console output:
NOTICE[4477]: res_pjsip_session.c:3159 new_invite: Call from 'trunk-pbx' (UDP:<IP>:5060) to extension '1234' rejected because extension not found in context 'toIVR'.

Trunk context should be from-trunk, that will ensure calls follow the rules set in Inbound Routes. Create an inbound route that goes to your IVR.

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OK I did, so for now it even cannot accept the call.
Why the FreePBX is sooo complicated? So even known people with Asterisk cannot handle this easy stuff?

Its all pjsip. Trunk with IP-IP, incoming call is not arriving anymore :frowning:

Two things:

  1. You didn’t show us what’s happening, so we only have the word of someone that doesn’t know how this is supposed to work telling us what is and isn’t working.
  2. Telling us we’re all too stupid to figure out how to set the system up isn’t going to get a lot of people fired up to help you.
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