FritzBox as trunk AND extension

I am having a FritzBox 7490 with recent firmware and a freepbx
The Fritz is connected to POTS and forwarding it to asterisk as a pjsip trunk, what is working fine.
Now, there is an (analogue) phone connected to the Fritz as FON1 which I would like to use as extension in asterisk. (I have some FritzBoxes in the network and this is working fine).
On this particular Box the registration of the extension fails (I suppose this is because the same IP is already registered as trunk in asterisk). I am having the following in full log then:

[2020-10-15 07:22:42] WARNING[16109] res_pjsip_registrar.c: AOR '' not found for endpoint 'Fritz_pj_66666666'
[2020-10-15 07:22:42] SECURITY[10939] res_security_log.c: SecurityEvent="RequestNotSupported",EventTV="2020-10-15T07:22:42.177+0200",Severity="Error",Service="PJSIP",EventVersion="1",AccountID="Fritz_pj_66666666",SessionID="[email protected]",LocalAddress="IPV4/UDP/",RemoteAddress="IPV4/UDP/",RequestType="registrar_requested_aor_not_found"

where Fritz_pj_66666666 is the name of the trunk and the IP of this FritzBox. I have tried to setup this extension as pjsip and as sip as well.
Does anyone know this problem? Should this work? How?
If I can provide any further information or logs please let me know.

Best regards and thanks in advance,

no one? :frowning:

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