Friendly Names / Alises for extensions

Hi There

We run a small FreePBX setup with queues for our office departments. Each user has an extension and is a member of a queue:

Display Name: User 1, Extension: 8000
Display Name: User 2, Extension: 8001
Display Name: User 3, Extension: 8002

Queue: Sales
Static Agents:

Is there a way to use the display name, an alias, or some other ‘friendly’ name in the Static Agents textarea on the queue setup? So that when reordering the queue, adding / remove agents, it is easier to identify who is who rather than using their extension number?

So the Static Agents field could look something like this:

Queue: Sales
Static Agents:

I couldn’t see any obvious way to do it through the Extension setup, I thought about creating a virtual extension or something similar but didn’t have any luck.

Any points or tricks appreciated!


I do not think there is a way to do this. It is a nice feature.