Fresh installation - UCP daemon not running - how to troubleshoot

What process is the UCP daemon? Why is it not running and how to start it?

Just apache like the rest of FreePBX. “service httpd start” on centos/rhel or “service apache2 start” on debian/ubuntu.

The UCP deamon is service that runs that provides support for the User Control Panel. It can be started and stopped in 13 with:

fwconsole start ucpnode
fwconsole stop ucpnode

If it does not start automatically when the server starts, it sometimes helps to delete and reinstall ucpnode:

fwconsole ma uninstall ucpnode
fwconsole ma delete ucpnode
fwconsole ma download ucpnode
fwconsole ma install ucpnode

or you can do the same in the GUI in Module Admin

Thanks for the correction. Now I am curious. I do not see any daemon running on my FreePBX 13 system related to UCP. What does this process look like in the process list?

You will see a UCP Daemon in the System Overview Summary in Dashboard and this process:

# ps aux | grep ucpnode
asterisk 13057  0.0  2.1 703332 21828 ?        Ssl  16:57   0:00 /usr/bin/node /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucpnode/node/node_modules/forever/bin/monitor index.js
asterisk 13063  0.1  3.6 902292 37436 ?        Sl   16:57   0:01 /usr/bin/node /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucpnode/node/index.js

provided you have the FreePBX Module installed:

# fwconsole ma list | grep ucpnode
| ucpnode              | 13.0.22      | Enabled                              |

I do not have ucpnode at all (not enabled, not available for install). What is it? Is this different than ucp?

Are you running the FreePBX Distro?

No, manual installation.

If you have the commercial repo enabled, it should appear in module admin.

It is not offered. But now I have found the documentation and it appears that it will not be offered to me because I am not on distro:

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Ucp node server provides extra services to commercial modules. There’s really no point to install it for a manually install